June 1st - 5th, 2020




Lyssa Adkins

Jim Benson

• Diana Larsen

Clinton Keith

• Ronica Roth

Tricia Broderick

• Peter Green

Jimi Fosdick 

• Adam Weisbart

• Chris Li 

• Richard Kasperowski

Richard Cheng

• Kim Brainard

• Paul Tevis

• Michelle Johnson

Amy Burtaine

During dark times,
agilists come together

As agilists, we thrive on making personal connections with our teammates, organizations, and others in our agile community.

But thriving has been hard during the last couple of months.

Really, really hard.

People are rightly worried about their loved ones, their health, and their jobs. 

And if all that wasn't enough, our favorite events have been canceled, making it impossible for us to connect with - and learn from - our friends and mentors.

Sadly, conference cancellations - while disappointing - are the least of our worries.  If you dare turn on the news these days, you're bombarded with bad news about loss, fear, and sadness.

It’s scary and exhausting, and none of us know when the current calamity will end.

All this chaos makes it next to impossible to do what we as agilists do best: connect with others and discover better ways of working together.

But, if there's one thing agilists are good at it's responding to change over following a plan.

It's clear that following the plans we all had a few months ago would be ridiculous.

So we've put together a *NEW* plan to bring some joy into our agile world, at a time we need it most.

...and we want *YOU* to be a part of it.

If you're looking to connect with your friends, colleagues, and mentors for a week of learning, sharing, and connection, you've come to the right place...

// JUNE 1st - 5th, 2020

we're throwing a party, and you're invited!

> 5 days
> 15 sessions
> 25 hours of content
> 100% AWESOME

 We’ve assembled a Dream Team of agilists  for a FREE 5-day Agile Virtual Summit to bring some agile cheer right to your living room during these trying times.


During this summit, you’ll hear from some of your favorite speakers on a broad range of topics from agile leadership, to personal agility. From how to turbocharge your retrospectives, to why "Velocity Poisoning" is killing your organization.


You’ll leave the summit with actionable tips, tricks and tools that you can use with your team the very next day, new connections you made with agilists during some of our live breakout sessions, and continuing education credits you can use to keep up with your professional development requirements from home (your LinkedIn profile will look better than ever).


And since this event is live, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with speakers during Q&A in each session.

Need more help than a Q&A session? You'll have the opportunity to get 1-on-1 help from an agile coach during the coaching clinic we'll be running along side the speaker sessions.


Skeptical about us throwing around the term “Dream Team”? 


Don’t be. Check this out...

// a few of our speakers

Lyssa Adkins

The author of Coaching Agile Teams and co-founder of the Agile Coaching Institute  will show you how to use personal agility to get off the perpetual motion/frenetic energy train and onto your own road. 

Jim Benson

The co-author and creator of Personal Kanban and the co-creator of Lean Coffee, will show you how to collaborate effectively by focusing more on each other and less on the demands of canned processes.

Diana Larsen

The co-author of Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great,  Liftoff: Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams, and Five Rules for Accelerated Learning will make the case for why like great art, agile team greatness comes from embracing limits.  

Clinton Keith

The author of Agile Game Development with Scrum, who’s gone from programming avionics for fighter jets to overseeing programming for hit video game titles such as Midtown Madness, will show you how to tame the chaos using lessons learned from over 100 teams.

You're just 1-click away from
a full week of awesome agile content

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the free Agile Virtual Summit:

  • Why you should immediately eliminate low-value, time-wasting "estimation" meetings (and what you should do instead) 
  • The exact steps all leaders should take to save themselves from common mental traps that are holding them (and their orgs) back
  • Exactly how to get your team into a state of high psychological safety and high performance quickly (and how to keep it there)
  • How to help your organization create a positively contagious culture
  • How to turn your team into problem-solving superheroes at your next retrospective using the Secret ingredient Quentin Tarantino, JK Rowling, and Eminem rely on to make hundreds of millions of dollars
  • Why being afraid of critical conversations around race and gender is holding back your team, and how you can talk about diversity, equity and inclusion that will make your team (and product) better
  • How to quickly create a close-knit high-performing team, not just a group of random individuals working next to each other 
  • How to draw a lightbulb, and why that simple act will give you the confidence to take up a marker and command the whiteboard
  • How to help managers understand what they do in an Agile organization and how it's different from what they may have done before.
  • Actionable tips for making your virtual meetings awesome 

Featured Sessions

DAY 1 - June 1st, 2020

Agile Virtual Summit 2020 Kickoff! 

June 1st, 2020 - Monday @ 9AM - 9:40AM PT (12:00PM - 12:40PM ET)

Jim Benson

June 1st, 2020 - Monday @ 9:45AM - 11AM PT (12:45PM - 2PM ET)

Real Prioritization and Collaboration Strategies

Prioritization and collaboration are difficult at the best of times. Whether co-located or distributed teams tend to assign work to individuals like they were little silos of one. This always results in schedule conflicts, round-robin-interruptions, and role confusion. Completed products suffer for quality, budget, and reputation. All this is easily solved by actually working together, understanding how our work impacts others, and selecting the right work at the right time.

Tricia Broderick

June 1st, 2020 - Monday @ 11:15AM - 12:30PM PT (2:15PM - 3:30PM ET)

Challenges Leaders Face...Personally

Am I doing anything right? It’s a question, most professionals – especially leaders – have asked themselves at least once in their career (for some of us on a regular basis). Obviously, the answer is yes but that doesn’t mean the weight and pressures don’t occasionally start to tip the scale in the wrong direction mentally. As leaders, we spend most of our time focused on the challenges of others, of teams, and of the organization. Yet, when do we take care of ourselves as leaders and the problems we directly face personally? In this session, expect raw honesty of acknowledging the common patterns of challenges leaders face such as 'but I am the expert', 'am I adding value", etc. For each common challenge, you'll walk away with tools and concepts to help you be the best leader you can be.

Richard Kasperowski

June 1st, 2020 - Monday @ 1:15PM - 2:30PM PT (4:15PM - 5:30PM ET)

High-Performance Teams: Core Protocols for Psychological Safety and EI

Want awesome teams that build great products? Great teams don’t happen by accident. And they don’t have to take a long time to build. Join this session to learn exactly how to get your team into a state of high performance and keep it there.

DAY 2 - June 2nd, 2020

Opening Session

June 2nd, 2020 - Tuesday @ 9AM - 9:40AM PT (12:00PM - 12:40PM ET)

Diana Larsen

June 2nd, 2020 - Tuesday @ 9:45AM - 11AM PT (12:45PM - 2PM ET)

How Limits Empower Your Agility

Everyone looks for the perfect Agile. Is it a methodology? A framework? The holy grail? When we think we’ve found it, we discover that perfection isn’t perfect. It doesn’t fit the way we expected. There are tradeoffs that keep us from getting the results we wanted. What if we could anticipate and plan for those tradeoffs? What if we could customize the Agile that’s right for our business, or our clients? Attend this session with Diana Larsen to explore how to foresee tradeoffs and capture benefits, using the lens of the Agile Fluency Model.

Peter Green

June 2nd, 2020 - Tuesday @ 11:15AM - 12:30PM PT (2:15PM - 3:30PM ET)

Management in Agile

Management doesn't go away in an agile organization, and organizations don't have to shift to a fully self-managed system to get all of the benefits of agility. In this session, we'll look at the three types of work needed in every organization, and a few patterns for how that work is distributed, from fairly traditional org structure through to full self-management.

Jimi Fosdick

June 2nd, 2020 - Tuesday @ 1:15PM - 2:30PM PT (4:15PM - 5:30PM ET)

"Velocity Poisoning" is Killing Your Agility

We've all been in them. Endless, low value, often heated, discussions about "Velocity" and "Story Point estimates" etc. All theoretically aimed at determining our team's capacity for a Sprint. In this session Jimi will facilitate a discussion how these ideas may have been tragically misunderstood, why they might be an outdated legacy of the plan-driven thinking of the late 90's and early 00's and, based on 15 years on the ground as a Certified Scrum Trainer and coach, offer some potentially useful alternatives. If you, your team or your coaching clients have ever been frustrated by any of these concepts come have them demystified.

DAY 3 - June 3rd, 2020

Howard Sublett

June 3rd, 2020 - Wednesday @ 9AM - 9:40AM PT (12:00PM - 12:40PM ET)

The Power of the Pivot: Agile companies are built for times like these

Scrum Alliance CPO Howard Sublett tells the story of how, when the global shutdown hit, Scrum Alliance and its community completely reimagined what could be and moved quickly to respond. The changes we implemented were uncomfortable, messy, controversial and risky as hell--but absolutely necessary.

Michelle Johnson And Amy Burtaine

June 3rd, 2020 - Wednesday @ 9:45AM - 11AM PT (12:45PM - 2PM ET)

Why DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Matters

Organizations frequently use the terms diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as if they are synonymous, which they are not. Truly embedding DEI principals requires deep organizational commitment and skill. Agile principles, employed consistently, offer guideposts for building and maintaining diverse and inclusive teams. This session will help participants understand what DEI really means and explore the mission critical nature of equity and inclusion work. National racial equity trainers Michelle Johnson and Amy Burtaine will talk about how patterns of historical inequity, and individual, institutional and cultural bias show up on teams today. Building diverse and inclusive teams is essential for organizational growth, health and, ultimately, success. We will offer support in how teams can build skills to address issues of race and gender. 

Adam Weisbart

June 3rd, 2020 - Wednesday @ 11:15AM - 12:30PM PT (2:15PM - 3:30PM ET)

The MISSING Ingredient in your Retrospectives

Have your retrospectives ever suffered from any of these 4 common afflictions?

  1. Lack of engagement: My team is quiet, bored, or introverted
  2. Retros feel stale: They’re short, repetitive, and it feels like we’re just going through the motions
  3. Organizational impediments: Issues surfaced aren't under our control as a team
  4. Lack of action: We come up with useful next steps, but rarely take them

You’re not alone. Most teams have struggled with these painful ailments. 

What if there was a magic ingredient you could add to your retrospectives to instantly cure these maladies?

Through a decade of trial-and-error I’ve found just that missing ingredient.

Add this thing to your retrospectives, and BOOM, your team will forget they're in a meeting. It's powerful enough to make retros work for even the most disengaged teams.

This very ingredient has been used by Quentin Tarantino, JK Rowling, and Eminem to make hundreds of millions of dollars. And now YOU can use it to make yourself — and your team — look like superstars.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How a children’s product (found in any grocery store checkout lane) can help your team discover solutions to problems they previously found impossible, without you having to say a word
  • Exactly what to add to your current retrospectives to 10x team engagement
  • The shortcut to running insanely engaging retrospectives without having to practice or prepare
  • The one thing you should NEVER do with your retrospectives
Ronica Roth

June 3rd, 2020 - Wednesday @ 1:15PM - 2:30PM PT (4:15PM - 5:30PM ET)

3 Ways to Begin to Change Your Culture: A Personal Practice Guide for Change Agents

As a change agent--whether you're leading an agile transformation, leading a small team, or leading a whole company--you can consciously model the culture you want the org to move toward. Your personal practice will eventually have a big impact on those around you. I've found three practices in particular that, when modeled by a leader, make a difference:

  1. Facilitate open and honest discussions (often starting in meetings)
  2. Help people plan to learn (and celebrate learnings!)
  3. Express appreciation to make values real through storytelling

DAY 4 - June 4th, 2020

David Horowitz

June 4th, 2020 - Thursday @ 9AM - 9:40AM PT (12:00PM - 12:40PM ET)

Virtual Retrospectives & Driving Continuous Improvement

Suddenly you’re virtual - or maybe you’ve always been. Being a part of a virtual team comes with a whole new set of challenges and questions. While no one is stealing your lunch from the shared fridge, you may be wondering how to replicate a physical whiteboard online. Or your team members might be unengaged and your retrospectives have lost direction.

Let's talk about it! Join Retrium co-founder and CEO David Horowitz as he talks about the real challenges facing virtual teams right now during your retrospectives. This interactive event will be guided by the questions you submit and upvote.

Chris Li

June 4th, 2020 - Thursday @ 9:45AM - 11AM PT (12:45PM - 2PM ET)

Are we really a Team? - What questions to ask!

Just because a group of people work on the same contract, contribute to the same project, or sit in the same room (virtual or real) doesn't mean that they are truly a Team. This session will get you thinking about what a real Team looks like, what interpersonal behaviors to look for and avoid, and what questions to ask one another all in the interest in becoming a Team.

Richard Cheng

June 4th, 2020 - Thursday @ 11:15AM - 12:30PM PT (2:15PM - 3:30PM ET)

A Deeper Dive into the ScrumMaster Role

The ScrumMaster is a critical role in Scrum (or Team Coach on Kanban/Agile teams). However it is the most misunderstood role as well. They’re not a project manager, nor a team lead, nor a Product Owner. Think of them more as a team coach or guide.

This session takes a deeper look into the ScrumMaster role. Specifically:

  • What does a ScrumMaster do day-to-day
  • What to look for in a ScrumMaster
  • How to improve as a ScrumMaster
  • Do I need full time, dedicated ScrumMasters?
  • How can I tell if my ScrumMaster is doing a good job?

Coming out of this session, attendees will understand the value of, and what to look for in, a ScrumMaster (or Team Coach).

Clinton Keith

June 4th, 2020 - Thursday @ 1:15PM - 2:30PM PT (4:15PM - 5:30PM ET)

Taming the Chaos - Lessons in Developing Products without Suffering

Do you think it’s impossible to deliver a great innovative product on schedule without breaking the bank and the backs of your team? You’re wrong! It can be done. Come hear the lessons and stories from over 100 teams that have succeeded and failed and what you can bring to your own teams. You can make great products and enjoy doing it.

DAY 5 - June 5th, 2020

Opening Session

June 5th, 2020 - Friday @ 9AM - 9:40AM PT (12:00PM - 12:40PM ET)

Kim Brainard

June 5th, 2020 - Friday @ 9:45AM - 11AM PT (12:45PM - 2PM ET)

The magic of looking back; the perseverance to move forward

Does life happen to you or for you? Does your organization struggle with change, or does it embrace it, knowing change means growth (when used intentionally)? Do the people you lead follow you because they want to or have to? When life and leadership gets rough, do you retort, react, and resist, OR do you respond, relax, and relish? Every experience is an opportunity to up-level your leadership and impact — the choice is yours.

In this session, you'll explore creating a positively contagious culture (starting with you first), the magic behind looking back in order to move forward, and powerful transformative tools and principles for improving the way you look at change. 

This interactive session will explore techniques to opening communication, implementing changes, pre-navigating challenges, and setting you and your culture up for success.

Paul Tevis

June 5th, 2020 - Friday @ 11:15AM - 12:30PM PT (2:15PM - 3:30PM ET)

Designing Great (Virtual) Meetings

Great meetings – whether in-person or online – don't just happen. They're designed to succeed. In this session, we'll cover the essentials to prepare to help your virtual meetings to be engaging and productive.

Lyssa Adkins

June 5th, 2020 - Friday @ 1:15PM - 2:30PM PT (4:15PM - 5:30PM ET)

Running Around Like Crazy? Use Agile on Yourself! (it's harder than it seems but really worth it)

We were on a perpetual momentum machine in business prior to our COVID-19 pandemic. People I talked to felt frazzled by the constant fast pace, run around, t-i-r-e-d. Busy-ness was the norm in business. Here we are in April, in the middle (we hope) of the pandemic and although a giant PAUSE button got pushed in the form of a virus, I am hearing people are even more busy -- one video conference after another all day long. Seemingly, no way to escape. The perpetual momentum we had before the pandemic has been heightened into frenetic motion. We are getting run around like crazy!

It’s time to use Agile on ourselves, as individuals. The first thing Agile asks us to do is to get in touch with the vision of what we want to build, and then focus on the highest business value items. One after the other. Let me show you how to do this for yourself. I have been using the Personal Agility System to focus my life and work for the last 2 years and I feel sane, even in the midst of the pandemic (well, relatively so). In this session, I’ll introduce you to Personal Agility and help you take the first step, which is identifying What Really Matters.

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You'll make new connections with other attendees via our facilitated morning and lunchtime breakout sessions.

Adam Weisbart
Certified Scrum Trainer & Agile Coach


Adam weisbart

Hi, I’m Adam Weisbart.

You might know me from such hit YouTube videos as "Sh!t Bad Scrum Masters Say", my training materials like Build Your Own Scrum, or Recess (my retrospective-in-a-box).

If there's one thing I know, it's how to make learning about your team, your product, and yourself fun...

(and as you may have noticed, we could all use some fun right now)

Which is why I've assembled this fantastic group of agilists for Agile Virtual Summit 2020. Your speakers include mentors I've know for a decade whom I've learned so much from, and some new friends I've made along my agile journey.

Join us for our 5-day summit and you'll benefit from their experience too.

Stay agile. Never change.

want Access to 
15+ World-Class Agile Masterclasses?

These sessions will give you actionable tips, tricks, and tools you can use immediately to improve your craft.