May 2nd - 6th, 2022

Jen Olderog and Marcie Kingery

Agilist Org Design for Skills to Grow Your Career

If you want to know what skills and/or org design you need to grow your career in Agile, come learn about John Deere’s Journey to Agile Expertise.

At John Deere we have around 75 Agile Coaches and 325 Scrum Masters around the globe. We began staffing these roles in 2019 and realized that we were lacking clarity of what success looks like. We also realized the transformation office needed to provide more support to help these individuals grow.

To solve this problem, we identified 8 key skill areas that apply to both the Agile Coach and the ScrumMaster. To aid in individual development we mapped the skills to a series of experiences and behaviors across 5 levels of mastery. What came next? We built a library of training, mentoring, or shadowing opportunities to achieve these skills.

In this talk we will discuss John Deere’s Agile Operating Model, ScrumMaster and Agile Coach roles and career path. For each of these roles we will detail the 8 key skill areas and share recommended actions to close the gap.

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