May 2nd - 6th, 2022

Lightning Talks

The first ever session of Agile Virtual Summit lightning talks!

During this 1 hours session, you'll get to hear from over a dozen agilists presenting short talks on the topic their most passionate about.

⚡ Cracks in your Organization (Bruno vs. Gonzo) 
w/ Carmen Guerra Jurado

⚡ Agile Coaching Growth Wheel 
w/ Joel Bancroft-Connors

⚡ Psychological Safety Within Teams (From the Coaching Perspective) 
w/ Andrea Pressley

⚡ Definition of Done vs Acceptance Criteria 
w/ Dave McKenna

⚡ 5 Actionable Steps to Bring Inclusion to Agile Project Teams 
w/ Kadidra Hurst

⚡ Open Space Events 
w/ Miquel Rodriguez

⚡ Sprint Happiness Survey 
w/ Rebecca Joye Mantia

⚡ Organizational Culture and it's Impact on Large-Scale Agile Transformation Success 
w/ Steve Martin

⚡ Being a Change Agent 
w/ Thushyanthan A.

⚡ Engaging Imperialism: Iterating Based on Data 
w/ Mykenna Cepek

⚡ Retrospectives and Continuous Improvement 
w/ Chris Stone

⚡ Agility and Diversity 
w/ Grace W

⚡ Embracing Uncertainty as You Start Your Agility Journey 
w/ Christina Thomas

⚡ It's Not a Sprint, it's a Jog 
w/ Stuart Mann

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