May 2nd - 6th, 2022

Louria Lindauer

What's Next on YOUR Agile Coaching Journey? 3 considerations choosing between Agile Team, Portfolio or Enterprise Coaching

You might ask: "What is my Agile Coaching Journey? "

Many of us have asked ourselves this very question as potential, budding and current Scrum Masters and Agile coaches!

What do we do next? How do I start? Which is my best best?

Sound familiar? 🙂

Together, lets dive into your handpicked Agile pathway so you are loving what you do and doing what you love!

Together, lets get curious and learn how these roles are different, how they align and 3 considerations for choosing your journey that aligns with your passions and competencies.

In addition, learn what are the skills needed for each role and how each one benefits you and organizations.

You will walk away with: Knowledge to Identify what type of Agile Coach you want to be, the benefits of both, and how you will level up your skills through a developmental pathway.

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