May 2nd - 6th, 2022

Marsha Acker

How Daring to Dialogue Creates a Culture of Agility

The single greatest predictor of success is the way we are having or not having conversations.

If we can learn to be more intentional in how we invite, cultivate, participate, and facilitate conversations there will not be any challenge that an organization cannot skillfully navigate in order to produce effective outcomes.

But what if our conversations are stuck or ineffective? What if conversations break down instead of generating new collective thinking? We’ll look at conversations and how to use the structure of the conversations to harvest the intelligence that already exists, and the daring role leaders play in creating a space for dialogue in order to greatly change the nature of the discourse.

Key takeaways include:

⭐️ Four actions that everyone can take to foster better conversations
⭐️ Understand the impact of monologue vs dialogue on culture
⭐️ Three ways for leaders to engage in better dialogue starting today

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