June 5th - 9th, 2023

Sohrab Salimi

Enablement first, empowerment second

Ever heard and agile coach say the following about the role of managers in an organization: "Managers should just empower the teams and get out of the way."

This sounds a lot like: "We do not need these managers at all as they do not deliver any value."

That might be true if we look at how bad managers do their job. But it is certainly not true if we look at some of the best managers.

Being a medical doctor in my first career, I saw first-hand what incredible value attending physicians brought to young doctors like me, to the patients, and to the hospital.

I learned that, great leaders do not get out of the way... they pave the way for you, they set the boundaries within which you can take decisions, and they support you when your stuck in analysis paralysis.

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