The Sale Is Over


Thank you to everyone who purchased discounted Agile Virtual Summit All-Access Passes.

The sale ended at 11:59pm Pacific on August 3rd.



This is Erin, Adam's wife. I’m writing to share some difficult news.

Earlier this year, Adam was diagnosed with a rare and incurable blood cancer. Fortunately, the cancer is treatable and his doctors expect him to live a long life. Unfortunately, his cancer and its treatment have left Adam exhausted and plagued by migraines.

He received his diagnosis and started treatment just before the last two Agile Virtual Summit events. He pushed through the events because he really didn’t want to disappoint anyone in the Agile community. But Adam needs time to rest and undergo treatment so he’s now on medical leave.

As a result, all Agile Virtual Summit events are on hold until further notice.

A few agile community members have already heard the news and asked how they can help. If you’re someone who has been helped by Adam’s work (Agile Virtual Summit, Build Your Own Scrum, his Bad Scrum Master video, etc…) maybe you’d like to help as well.

Adam has two suggestions for how you can make a difference today:

1. Consider becoming a blood stem cell donor

While Adam DOES NOT require stem cells or bone marrow from a donor right now, adding yourself to the registry can provide a lifeline to others in desperate need. Find out more if you're in the US here.

2. Supporting Adam

If you're looking to support Adam more directly, you can purchase a heavily-discounted Agile Virtual Summit All-Access Pass. Not only will purchasing All-Access Passes help support your learning journey, it will also help “keep the lights on” at Weisbart Consulting while Adam is out on medical leave.

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IMPORTANT: This offer is only available until August 3rd at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Thanks for reading this far, and for being an essential part of the community Adam cherishes so deeply.


Erin Weisbart

P.S. If you're part of the current Coaching Agile Teams cohort, don't worry - Dan and Lyssa will continue running the cohort while Adam is on medical leave. Similarly, if you're part of the Agile Mastery Inner Circle, Dan or another agile colleague will be overseeing Lean Coffees and other activities during Adam's absence.