Jim Benson

Every collaboration requires coordination, which feels like extra work no matter how important the collaboration is. Political, psychological, and operational barriers we often see when trying to bring change or just work together.

Jim Benson, author of the Collaboration Equation, will describe these common enemies of collaboration and three quick fixes so everyone can get up and running. This is taken from a section that didn't make it into the final draft of the book, so if you already have read The Collaboration Equation, this will be an excellent extension.

Amy Burtaine & Samuel Wakefield

In this session, you’ll learn more about Managing Equitably, a 2-part live virtual manager training by DEI Works, which has reached thousands of managers across industries like yours, and might be the right lever to help your organization achieve its DEI goals.

We’ll cover:
- Why (even industry-leading) manager trainings fail to materially improve conditions;
- What Managing Equitably is, and how it works;
- The results achieved by organizations implementing Managing Equitably, including (1) reductions in race/gender inequities in outcomes, (2) improvements in workplace conditions, and (3) positive changes in manager beliefs, behaviors, and ability to work effectively across lines of race, gender, and other lines of difference;
- How to bring Managing Equitably to your org, what to expect, and where to start;
- Answers to your questions, from our team of experienced facilitators, designers, and program evaluation experts.

Tricia Broderick

Agilists talk a good game about activating the growth mindset and embracing learning. But that’s get real and honest, learning can be incredibly challenging! Not only do our brains fight our intentions, but the journey is also packed full of low moments sprinkled with a moment of progress success. Join this session to examine several learning inhibitors that can sidetrack even the most dedicated learners. Expect to discover numerous tips to maintain momentum for learning. And walk away motivated to navigate your journey of learning.