Amy Burtaine & Samuel Wakefield

In this session, you’ll learn more about Managing Equitably, a 2-part live virtual manager training by DEI Works, which has reached thousands of managers across industries like yours, and might be the right lever to help your organization achieve its DEI goals.

We’ll cover:
- Why (even industry-leading) manager trainings fail to materially improve conditions;
- What Managing Equitably is, and how it works;
- The results achieved by organizations implementing Managing Equitably, including (1) reductions in race/gender inequities in outcomes, (2) improvements in workplace conditions, and (3) positive changes in manager beliefs, behaviors, and ability to work effectively across lines of race, gender, and other lines of difference;
- How to bring Managing Equitably to your org, what to expect, and where to start;
- Answers to your questions, from our team of experienced facilitators, designers, and program evaluation experts.