October 14th, 2021

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March 3rd, 2022
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Discover what’s STATE-OF-THE-ART in Agile Coaching!

Keynote by Lyssa Adkins   //   6 Sessions by Expert Coaches


Lyssa Adkins, Michael K Spayd, Cherie Silas, Alex Sloley, Craig Smith, Louria Lindauer, Ann-Marie Kong, and Jessica Katz

Looking to improve your

Agile Coaching?

If you’re like most agilists, you’re constantly looking to improve how you help others.

After all, helping others be their best is what you do, right?

And you know that to help others, YOU need to continue to learn and grow too.

Thankfully, there’s a TON of agile content available to you: Courses, Certifications, Books, Youtube Videos, Meetups, Facebook Groups, and Conferences just to name a few.

In fact, the list goes on and on…

Frankly, it can be a bit overwhelming.

In a sea of so many options, it can often feel like you’re treading water looking for the right thing to grab onto.

When you do finally find something, how do you know that the thing you reach for will help you and your team sail to success, or if it’ll just pull you under the next wave that comes by?

The truth is, without spending A LOT of time evaluating your options – time you probably don’t have – you’re likely to eventually grab onto the wrong thing. Grabbing onto just one wrong thing can drag you down, causing you weeks or months of frustration and pain.

But don’t worry…

There’s good news for passionate busy agilists like you…

We’ve spent the time finding the best content & speakers so that you don’t have to.

Since early 2020 we’ve been hosting large online events to help agilists just like you improve their craft.

Tens of THOUSANDS of people have registered for our summits, and attended sessions by the biggest names in agile.

As the first to host large agile events online during the pandemic, we’ve gotten extremely good at creating an environment that builds community online.

People in our community love our events.

Our last 5-day event had a Net Promoter score of 75 (for reference, Apple Computer has a score of 47, and Starbucks has a 77).

Folks in our community leave our events happy, energized, and ready to take action.

Improving your coaching couldn’t be easier.

Just show up to our FREE event, and select the curated sessions that speak to you most.

You’ll leave with actionable steps you can put into practice right away.

This year, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in LIVE accountability triads 7 days after the event. As part of the Agile Virtual Summit community you can ensure YOU take action to improve your agile coaching.

Join us, and you'll:

  • Discover what's STATE-OF-THE-ART in Agile Coaching, and how you can improve your craft immediately
  • Make new connections with like-minded agilists from around the world
  • Earn continuing education credits (PDUs and SEUs) so your certifications don’t lapse

If you want to feel refreshed and reconnected to your agile community, you're in the right place!

Best of all?

It's 100% FREE!

That’s right, we’re not charging for the LIVE 1-day summit, so it’s a no-brainer… grab your ticket now!

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March 3, 2022

Agile coaching Tune-up

One amazing keynote
optional 1-day Open Space
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Improve your coaching craft with...

...An opening keynote by none other than Lyssa Adkins (author of Coaching Agile Teams, and co-founder of the Agile Coaching Institute). 

...SEVEN world-class agile coaches, who's sessions will help you improve your coaching craft.

You’ll leave this bite-sized summit with the latest coaching tips, tricks and tools that you can use back at work right away. The summit may be short, but the value you get from these sessions will last you for years to come.

Feeling social? Join us for the optional Open Space on day two. Connect with other coaches from around the world, make new friends, and go deeper into the content from the summit together.

Feeling stuck? The Open Space is a fantastic place to get help with challenges you're facing at work, or to get a chance to help others with your knowledge and experience.

Keeping up with your professional development requirements can be hard. Attend the summit and earn continuing education credits (PDUs and SEUs) so your certifications don’t lapse.

Since this event is live, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to interact with speakers during Q&A in each session.


Michelle Legere // PM & BA
“The Agile Virtual Summit exceeded my expectations. The format and speakers were first-rate, and the sessions expanded my knowledge of Agile and introduced retrospection in these trying times.”
Jesus Mendez // Agile Coach
"It was extremely well organized, the talks were amazing and brought great value to my practice. A week of fully inspiring content"
Bianka Rowińska // Scrum Master
“5 days of highest quality lectures and everything for free? It can't be missed. I would never be able to afford a conference of that scale in the US and AVS gave me that opportunity.”
Wendell Bickford // Scrum Master
“I loved being able to listen and ask questions to the leaders of Agile. To learn from someone the best.”
Vesna Vuksan // Manager
"It is an amazing experience to "sit" in the same room with famous agilists + the audience was great. I also loved how you made sure people had channels to communicate, and it was facilitated so well."
Kathryn O'Neill Karnes // PM
"The presenters and their topics were great. I got it for free, and I couldn't believe the quality of the presenters. I will probably buy the books that half of them have written."


Lyssa Adkins

Author of Coaching Agile Teams, and co-founder of the Agile Coaching Institute

Show Me Mentoring vs Coaching: Live Coaching & Mentoring Demos

The industry holds that both mentoring skill and professional coaching skill are useful for scrum masters, agile coaches, and managers.

Yet the differences between these approaches is not crystal clear for most people.

It’s time to show more than tell. In this session, Lyssa Adkins coaches an audience member on their real-life agile problems.

A real person and a real coaching session.

No scripts or pre-planning.

Just like real life.

Along the way, you will:

  • Learn the anatomy of a powerful mentoring conversation
  • See how this skill set addresses problems in radically different way than coaching
  • Follow the conversation looking for specific skills
  • Chat with your colleagues so we can all learn together


Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the free Agile Virtual Summit, Coaching Edition:
  • The #1 superskill you can develop to increase success, flow and satisfaction

  • Proven approaches you can use right away to MASSIVELY upshift your coaching
  • How just showing up as yourself adds value 

  • Exactly what makes someone a REAL Agile Coach

  • How to help a team go from tone-deaf group of people, to a pitch perfect high performing team (w/ the help of Whoopi Goldberg)

  • How to awaken the agile coach within (regardless of your title at work)

  • The 6 distinct vantage points in product leadership you can use to coach your product leaders

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Summit Sessions

Kickoff Of The Agile Virtual Summit, Coaching Edition

Thursday March 3, 2022 @ 9AM - 9:15AM PT (12PM - 12:15PM ET)

Opening Keynote by Lyssa Adkins

Thursday March 3, 2022 @ 12:15PM - 1:30PM PT (3:15PM - 4:30PM ET)

Lyssa's final demo of the day: Mentoring.

Watch her expertly mentor a new audience member right before your eyes.

Have you even seen Lyssa in action, live?

"Mentoring in public" like this is extremely rare.

Now's your chance.

Don't miss out.

Louria Lindauer

Thursday March 3, 2022 @ 10:15AM - 11AM PT (1:15PM - 2PM ET)

The Secret Formula: The 3 Competencies Every Agile Coach Needs for Guiding Agile Transformations

As a coach, what tools do you currently have to increase engagement with your teams and organization?

There's a good chance "communication" is at the top of your list, since all good coaches rely on their ability to clearly communicate.

But the way in which we communicate isn't one-size-fits-all.

It turns out, the most skilled communicators tune their message to the person they're talking with.

Agile Inclusive Leadership will help you be more self (and culturally) aware so that you can connect better with those you coach.

In this session, you'll learn the secret formula that will help you create an environment of excellence. We'll add some more tools to your Agile batman utility belt that will help you motivate people to their peak performance.

Lyssa Adkins

Thursday March 3, 2022 @ 9:15AM - 10AM PT (12:15PM - 1PM ET)

Show Me Mentoring vs Coaching: Live Coaching Demo

Lyssa will invite an audience member "on stage" with her for the first live coaching demo of the day.

That's right... A coaching session right before your eyes.

Along the way, you will:

  • Learn the anatomy of a powerful mentoring conversation
  • See how this skill set addresses problems in radically different way than coaching
  • Follow the conversation looking for specific skills
  • Chat with your colleagues so we can all learn together

Jessica Katz

Thursday March 3, 2022 @ 10:15AM - 11AM PT (1:15PM - 2PM ET)

Findings of the 2021 Agile Coach Income Report

What's your earning potential as an Agile Coach?

To accurately determine that, you'd need to have a clear view of what other coaches make.

Not just what one or two of your coach friends make, but a clear picture of what the 'going rate' is in our industry.

What if, the next time you negotiated your pay, you *KNEW* beyond a shadow of a doubt:

  • How much Agile coaches are paid
  • Who makes more: full-time salaried coaches or self-employed contractors
  • How much experience and formal education matters
  • How compensation of women and minorities compare to the average
  • If speaking at events and conferences affect compensation

Until now, it has been almost impossible for Agile Coaches, managers, and recruiters to understand market rates for coaching services. But that changed with the publication in March of the 2021 Agile Coach Income Report, a survey of 156 Agile coaches around the world working in full-time and consultative roles.

Join us to find out what you might earn as an Agile Coach, or how much it costs to hire the kind of coach your organization needs. This discussion presents a great opportunity to build transparency and start using our combined knowledge of the market.

Cherie Silas

Thursday March 3, 2022 @ 10:15AM - 11AM PT (1:15PM - 2PM ET)

Invitational Agile Coaching: The Key to Sustainable Change

When an Agile coach leaves an organization, the changes developed during their tenure should not roll backward. Compliance is somewhat easy to install and takes hold rather quickly. The challenge with that approach is that when the forcing mechanism (Agile coach) is removed, much of the compliance rolls back to the original position. Sustainable change requires a different strategy.

This talk introduces the concept of utilizing an Invitational Approach to Enterprise Agile Coaching which can be a crucial catalyst for integrating sustainable change by putting the client in the seat of responsibility.

You'll walk away from this session better able to partner with your client for sustainable results!

Alex Sloley & Craig Smith

Thursday March 3, 2022 @ 11:15AM - 12PM PT (2:15PM - 3PM ET)

Code of Ethical Conduct for Agile Coaching

People serving in an agile coaching role are expected to act ethically, but what does that mean in practice?

Agile coaching is an evolving profession encompassing many disciplines including individual, team and systemic coaching, facilitating, teaching and mentoring, all applied with an open and deliberate bias towards using agile approaches to help address a client’s needs.

The complexity of agile coaching means that you will inevitably encounter difficult situations.

What if you had a Code you could follow that would help support you when difficult decisions need to be made?

What if that same Code helped you act courageously in every situation, even if there is a personal negative impact?

A group of volunteers has been working on crafting just that code. Specifically a Code of Ethical Conduct for Agile Coaching under an Agile Alliance initiative.

This talk will present the background to the work which has been done so far, walk you through the content of the code and explain where it can go in the future.

During the session, you'll be introduced to a few ethics scenarios that will help you identify the types of dilemmas you may face in the field. You'll  discover some examples of appropriate and inappropriate ethical behavior in these different contexts, and how to address them.

Ann-Marie Kong

Thursday March 3, 2022 @ 11:15AM - 12PM PT (2:15PM - 3PM ET)

Growing Your Leadership Agility With Positive Intelligence

The solutions to our current problems cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness that created them.” ~ Albert Einstein

You live in a rapidly changing, volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous and interconnected world. To meet the adaptive challenges you face today, you need to evolve in your consciousness, and in your ways of thinking and being.

Leadership agility is your ability to take wise and effective action amid complex, rapidly changing conditions.

Positive Intelligence is a pathway to developing your leadership agility.

Positive Intelligence enables you to recover faster and shift from your inner critics/saboteurs to your Sage by developing your mental fitness muscles.

Mental fitness is your capacity for handling life's great challenges with a positive mindset rather than getting stressed and upset.

What’s possible for you when you get out of your own way?

Michael K Spayd

Thursday March 3, 2022 @ 11:15AM - 12PM PT (2:15PM - 3PM ET)

Competencies for Enterprise Coaches: Transcending the ACI Model

The Coach Competency model -- developed at ACI by Spayd & Adkins -- created a clear framework for team (and program) level Agile coaches to conceive, and be effective in, their work.

In the last few years, there has been a huge growth in the need for Enterprise coaches, and a proliferation of coaches portraying themselves as such. The catch is, the Coach Competency model was not developed to address the range of skills, competencies, and ways of being needed for those leading organizational transformations.

Over the past several years, I have been conceiving, testing, and refining such a competency framework in teaching and consulting with Enterprise coaches. This talk presents and explores a competency approach that (I hope) does justice to the level of complexity involved in Agile Transformations.

Please join me.

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Erin Parsons // Scrum Master
“The week was packed with valuable content, addressing issues I haven't seen in any of the other conferences or courses I've attended.”
Carol Erickson-Clarkes // PM
"The topics and speakers were right on target for all that we are experiencing in the agile world right now, and I am most impressed with the speakers’ virtual presentations - you gathered a fantastic group of experts! will absolutely attend virtually again!"
Dhan Joseph Praga // Scrum Master
“The topics are actually great, we didn't expect that even though we are in Covid situation who would have thought that things can go remotely and smooth.”
Adam Weisbart
Certified Scrum Trainer & Agile Coach


Adam Weisbart

Hi, I’m Adam.

You might know me from such hit YouTube videos as "Sh!t Bad Scrum Masters Say", my training materials like Build Your Own Scrum, or Recess (my retrospective-in-a-box).

If there's one thing I know, it's how to make learning about your team, your product, and yourself fun...

Which is why I've assembled this fantastic group of agilists for the Agile Virtual Summit, Coaching Edition.

Like you, I’m spread thin these days… but I’m setting aside 4 hours for some valuable agile goodness on November 10th.

Join us at the summit and have some fun.

Stay agile. Never change.

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