June 5th - 9th, 2023

Welcome to the Encore!

These replays will be online until midnight on May 12th  Pacific Time.

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They'll only be accessible via the All-Access Pass 👈

The price for the All-Access Pass will more than double after the encores are over, so get it now if you're still on the fence. And remember, you have 30 days for a full refund if you're not happy with the pass ;-)

Enjoy the encore! 🥳


Day 1

📺 Dependencies Do Not Exist, Collaboration Always Wins w/ Jim Benson

📺 Addressing Polarity in Your Team, Organization, and Life w/ Peter Green

📺 What's Next on YOUR Agile Coaching Journey? w/ Louria Lindauer

📺 Surviving Backdraft w/ Adam Weisbart

Day 2

📺 Agile in Color Initiative w/ Kadidra Hurst

📺 How Daring to Dialogue Creates a Culture of Agility w/ Marsha Acker

📺 How Agile Disrupts Bias & Anti-Bias Practical Tools w/ Dr. Linet Mera

📺 Drawing engagement through the Power of Visual Storytelling w/ Stuart Young

📺 Mindset Shifts Required to Become an Amazing Agile Leader w/ Anu Smalley and Kate Megaw

Day 3

📺 Coaching For Mastery w/ Geoff Watts

📺 Risk, uncertainty, assumptions, oh my! Or "you can't see the forest through the trees." w/ Bob Sarni

📺 Lightning Talks w/ the AVS Community

📺 Essential Motivators: Individuals vs Teams w/ Diana Larsen & Tricia Broderick

Day 4

📺 Thursday Opening w/ Adam Weisbart

📺 Modeling change through everyday practice w/ Ronica Roth

📺 Agilist Org Design for Skills to Grow Your Career w/ Jen Olderog & Marcie Kingery

📺 40 Agile Methods in 40 Minutes: 2022 Edition w/ Craig Smith

📺 Speaker Panel Extravaganza!!